The BBC interviewed our Managing Director, Errol Drummond and featured Sunrise Bakery in celebration of Black History Month 2018 and to acknowledge the contribution of the Caribbean community in Birmingham since the 1950’s. People came from the Caribbean to Birmingham after the war because there were lots of jobs, for example in the factories and the NHS. However, before 1965, it was perfectly legal to discriminate on the basis of race. For example, black people could not live in particular areas of the city and weren’t allowed certain jobs or join particular church communities. 
“It’s OK fighting other issues, but you cannot fight on an empty stomach!” 
Errol Drummond, Managing Director. Sunrise Bakery 
Another big difference for those arriving from the Caribbean was the food. Sunrise Bakery in Smethwick, Birmingham began in 1966, “to provide a taste of home” for the early settlers from the Caribbean. Today there is a growing appetite for artisan bread. The bakery now makes over a million loaves per year. 
“We have moved our products from supplying just the corner shops… to the supermarkets and appeal to a wider audience, which is something that I am quite proud of" 
Errol Drummond, Managing Director. Sunrise Bakery 
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On 13th September 2020 at 14:56, Pam Thompson wrote:
My all-time favourite bread and fruit bun suppliers. Absolutely love the flavours and textures. Delicious!
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