Vice includes Sunrise Bakery in an article, documenting the travels of photographer Riaz Phillips who explored and photographed Britain's Caribbean food culture and Britain’s hidden Caribbean food history in his book, “Belly Full: Caribbean Food in the UK”. Riaz comments that when his family came to England from Jamaica and surrounding islands along with many others of the Windrush Generation between the 1940’s and 1970’s, “food was an important way of bonding with displaced families”. He also notes, “in the Caribbean places, people would stand around for ages chatting about life and family back home”, he felt “those spaces were really important for the community”. Sunrise Bakery was co-founded by Herman Drummond from a small rented room in Smethwick, Birmingham making Jamaican hard dough bread and buns. Succeeded by his son, Errol Drummond, Managing Director, the bakery is now the largest Caribbean bakery in Britain. 
To find out which supermarkets near you supply Sunrise Bakery products, like our Jamaican Hard Dough Breads, Caribbean-style cakes and spiced buns, click HERE! 
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