Sunrise Bakery is one of the UK’s oldest family-run Caribbean craft 
bakeries. Established in 1966 in Smethwick, Birmingham, the Founders, 
Herman Drummond and William Lamont, opened their own business 
to the local Caribbean residents offering “A taste of home”. 
Three generations on, the bakery has become one of the largest 
supplier of Caribbean hard dough bread, cakes, and Jamaican 
spiced buns in the UK, producing over two million products annually 
across 300 stores, including Asda, Sainsburys, Tesco, and Morrisons. 
Sunrise Bakery is now run by Herman’s son, Errol Drummond, and 
grandson, Daniel Drummond. Errol believes that at the heart of the 
bakery’s success is the business’ commitment to supporting the local 
and wider community in the UK and in the Caribbean. 
“Since my dad first opened the bakery 55 year ago, we have strived 
to make our products the gold standard of Caribbean baking. 
We recognise that our anniversary wouldn’t be possible without our 
customers, and that’s why we have always given back by supporting 
social initiatives that aim to empower our communities.” 
Daniel, the bakery’s sales and marketing manager, added, 
“throughout the next month, we’ll also be delivering our tropical cakes 
to the African-Caribbean charities that have supported the elderly 
throughout the pandemic.” 
As part of their 55th anniversary celebration, Sunrise Bakery will be 
launching a new range of vegan cakes and a luxury boxed bun later 
this year. And as an ongoing effort to keep their products available to 
customers, the bakery will soon be launching an online store at 
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On 13th October 2022 at 13:56, Ms B Wilson wrote:
Hi there,
Always brings a big smile to my face when I read stories of back in the day people, even though of African descent and heritage 🤗 Who just got on with it regardless of the pitfalls and nonsense, and of course we as good as anyone else 😏 then pass on the goodness to the next generation of family 💚 Then getting into major retailers👏🏽 Sunrise you should be so proud of yourselves x💐
Leeds, W Yorkshire.
On 2nd October 2022 at 13:29, Mark Woodfield wrote:
Wow, I haven't had your products in years, I used to know a guy who worked for this company, his name was Ferris, well that's how I knew him anyway, lovely bloke but I guess he's passed on now unfortunately. I lost touch with him in the 90s
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