Frequently Asked Questions

Does your products contain animal or marine fats or oils?
- No, we only use vegetable fats and oils in our products

Are your products suitable for vegetarians?
- Yes, all of our productions are suitable for vegetarians.

Does your products contain gluten?
- Yes, all of our products are produced using wheat flour

Does your products contain nuts?
- No we do not use nuts on our site and our ingredients are free from nuts as well.

Are your products GM free?
- We go to great lengths to source products and get assurances from our suppliers   that the raw materials we purchase are GM free.

Does your products contain a lot of salt?
- We recognise the potential risk to health from consuming a high salt diet, we have   reviewed the salt levels in our products and we are committed to reducing the salt in   our recipes.

Can I freeze your products?
- Yes, all of our products are suitable for freezing.

Can I buy products from your bakery in Smethwick?
- Yes, our bakery shop is open to both trade customers and the public.