Sunrise Bakery was established in 1966 by William Lamont and Herman Drummond to service the demands of the growing Caribbean community in Birmingham and the surrounding areas. They traded from modest premises in Bearwood before relocating to our current site on the A457 North Smethwick. Expansion throughout the 80s and 90s resulted in delivery rounds being developed in London, Bristol, East Midlands, Manchester and South Yorkshire. Today we service over 330 independent retailers and supermarkets. Consumers of all ages and nationalities enjoy our products. Sunrise Bakery has a reputation for producing products of exceptional quality. Our product range consists of 18 lines, which are produced by a highly trained team, using the finest ingredients and raw materials.

Hard Dough Bread
Our Hard Dough Bread is produced using a process, which reduces the presence of air in the dough resulting in denser more filling bread.

Spice Buns
Our delicious Spice Buns are made using sun dried fruit and mixed spices; traditionally it is enjoyed with a mild cheese.

Bulla Cake
Our Bulla Cakes are made from a mixture ginger sugar flour and water, although it is viewed as an inexpensive snack it is best enjoyed with Avocado Pear.

Although our products have evolved overtime we have remained committed to producing quality products using authentic recipes.

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